Frequently Asked Questions - Plastic Plywood Sheets for Construction

Can I cut Ekoplak?

Yes, it could be cut easily. You may cut it with any regular circular saw. However, instead of cutting the product, we advise to use plywood pieces on the edges, thus making the product more efficient and allowing it to be used for a longer period of time.

Can I use it for column as well as wall formworks?

Yes, it could be used for both purposes. If the grid support on the back of the panels matches laboratory results then the panels could be used in horizontal or vertical directions with confidence.

Can I hammer a nail into this product?

Yes, you can do all the applications on plywood also on Ekoplak.

Could it be recycled?

Yes, Ekoplak is made of polypropylene. We may get them back depending on the conditions of the product, or they could be sold as scrap to recycling companies by the kilo. Please contact us for more detailed recycling options.

Can I use it with plywood?

Yes, you may. Because Ekoplak has a thickness of 18 mm, it could be easily used with standard 18 mm plywood.

Does it gets affected by water or humidity?

No, Ekoplak goes completely unaffected by water or humidity. It could be stored in every environment.